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1972 Polaris R series 175, Colt Prototype, model#72R1722  
  Part Number: 412  
1972 Polaris R series 175, Colt Prototype, model#72R1722 
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This 1972 Polaris is what we believe to be a Prototype of the 1973 Polaris Colt. The skis are mismatched with the left one broken and welded and the right one an original and in fair shape. The bumper is bent and rusty. The hood is chipped up on the bottom edge but is quite unique as it is not like any production Colts. The hood is restorable. Notice the area around the key and ignition switch and the Polaris emblem on the right side of the hood; it has a different design from production. The chassis is in good shape with light surface rust. The gas tank is also different from normal production tanks, as the normal raised top is reversed and is concave on top. The seat is original but needs restoration. The rear tunnel has hand holds cut into the rear of the frame in place of a bumper. The track is in good condition. The suspension is in good condition. The 175cc Fuji single has good compression but the rewind doesn_t catch and needs repair. Another unique feature on this sled is the mini clutch guard on the left of the handle bars, as this is also different than the production Colts. Over all when you look at this sled closely you will agree it must be a 1972 Prototype Colt! Engine Size: Serial Number:631729 Engine Number:175cc Fuji single


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