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1972 Sno-Prince XL-400  
  Nice with 1036 miles!  
  Part Number: 440  
1972 Sno-Prince XL-400 
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This 1972 Sno-Prince is an un-restored #9 condition with 1036 miles on the odometer. The skis are original and in very nice condition. The front bumper is in very nice condition. the hood is original and very, very nice condition. The windshield is original and nice condition. the handle bars are perfect. The dash is nice with stress cracks where it is mounted. The clutch guard is very nice. The gas tank is original and nice. The seats are original and very nice. The rear bumper is a perfect original condition. the taillights are very nice condition. The sno-flap is a perfect original. The track is good and has some wear. The Boggie suspension is in good condition. the chassis is perfectly straight with some touch up painting. The 399 JLO twin has very good compression. This is a very nice _as is_ sled! Engine Size:300c Serial Number:211058 Engine Number:399-6025, 399JLO twin, modle LR399?2


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